In an effort to preserve sacred traditions of the Tsoknyi lineage, Rinpoche has been collecting and editing the complete teachings of the Tsoknyi Lineage of Ratna Lingpa.   In the last five years, thousands of hours have been used to transfer and store the complete teachings into computers.  We are excited that it is now ready for printing.  

Original worn and torn texts

Editing texts one by one

The complete teachings comprise 25 volumes, with each detailing the ritual procedure of a specific deity, as follows:  

1 Prayers and Practices as used at Gechak Gechak Chojor
2 The Quintessential Heart Accomplishment of Guru Rinpoche Thukdrup Yangnying Dupa
3 Transcripts of the Three-kaya practice of the Heart Accomplishment of Guru Rinpoche Thukdrup ku-sum zin-tri
4 A Wrathful Practice of the Guru, The Fire Tornado Gudrak Melung Kyilwa
5 Avalokiteshvara, Compendium of Secrets Chenrezi Sangwa Dupa
6 Hayagriva, Compendium of Secrets Tamdin Sangwa Dupa
7 Hayagriva, The Black One with the Iron Hair Tamdin Nakpo Chakral Can
8 Bhairava, Razor of Fire Jigche Me’i Putri
9 Amitayus, Compendium of Secret Longevity Practices Tsedrup Sangwa Dupa
10 Vajrakilaya, The Highest and Most Secret Kilaya Phurba Yangsang La-me
11 The Dakini Practice, Tsogyal/Tara  umkha, Tsogyal Drolma
12 Sadhanas of Noble Tara Jetsun Drolma Drubthab
13 Activity Manuals of the Garuda with which to Subdue Nagas Chung Gi Lejang Naga Ludu
14 Vajrapani, Lord of Secrets Sangdak Chakna Dorje
15 The Secret Accomplishment of a Ferocious form of Vajravarahi Phagmo Troma Sangdrup
16 The Lion Faced Dakini who subdues Demons Dudul Sengye Dongpa Can
17 The Three-roots of the Guru, Embodiment of the Eight Herukas Tsasum Lama Ka-gye
18 Sadhanas of the Protector Gompo Drupthab
19 The Heart Accomplishment of Vajrasattva Dorsem Thukdrup
20 The Profound Dharma of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, Self-liberation Through [Recognition of] the Enlightened Intent Zabcho Shitro Gpmpa Rangdrol
21 The Ngaktso Puja
22 The Dispeller of all Obstacles Barche Kunsel
23 Various rituals relating to Amithaba, Opak Chog sok
24 White Dzambhala and other texts Dzamkhar, sok
25 Various Rituals for Healing tochok


Computer Printout Cloth Wrapping

Total 25 volumes – the complete teachings of the Tsoknyi Lineage of Ratna Lingpa

Each volume will be printed in 2500 copies, which will be distributed to lineage practitioners worldwide, including nuns and monks in all the Tsoknyi monasteries, nunneries and shedras in Tibet, Nepal and India, for everyday praying and for large-scale pujas.  

The cost of printing one volume of text (average 800 pages) is US$ 10,800.  The total cost of printing a total of 2500 copies for 25 volumes is about US $270,000.

Sponsoring dharma text printing is a great way to accumulate one’s merit.  All the merits from your generosity will be dedicated to the well being of yourself and all sentient beings with the ultimate aim of attaining Enlightenment.  Furthermore, since thousands of nuns, monks and lineage practitioners will be using the texts everyday, every week, every month, your merit will snowball even when you are in Hong Kong, or elsewhere, sleeping or working.  

The following sponsorship programme has been planned to fund this noble project:

Printing sponsorship  HK$ (inclusive of currency exchange differences and telegraphic transfer)
1 page $ 110
10 pages $ 1,100
100 pages  $ 11,000
400 pages  $ 44,000
1 volume (800 pages)  $ 88,000

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries.

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